press release

11.05.2021 - 18.07.2021
Opening 11.05.2021

Paradise Lost #gender shift

Site 1 – on view 11.5. to 18.7.2021
DG Kunstraum
Finkenstraße 4
80333 München

Site 2 – on view 5.5. to 26.6.2021
Kistlerhofstraße 70 (Haus 60 3. Stock)
81379 München

Site 3 – on view 25.5. to 20.6.2021
Galerie der Künstler (BBK)
Maximilianstraße 42
80538 München

The exhibition 'Paradise Lost #gender shift' enables a view of our society in its various forms through contemporary works. Art perceives changes in society and addresses them. The breaking up of old role models, the questioning of moral standards also in religions and the sexual self-determination of people are topics that are not only booming in social media today, but also lead to a profound change in the reality of our lives. Gender research has been intensified since the 1970s, but the field is becoming more and more complex, and newly acquired knowledge is slowly changing our everyday life and our language habits.

The focus of the exclusively contemporary presentations in the DG Kunstraum is on the direct image in the form of photography. A portrait of our time is developed in a salon hanging by looking at different images together. The works deal with current questions on the topic: Who does my body belong to today? How do I define myself as a person? Where are the limits of unambiguity and ambivalence in locating the self in relation to sexuality? The exhibition divides the works into higher-level sensations known to all, including touch – trust – injury – ecstasy and the need to search for oneself.

The second exhibition location, the Galerie der Künstler (BBK), will feature large-format video works and the documentation of performances that complement the complex topic. The impressive film 'Bacha Posh' (2015) by the two artists Yalda Afsah and Ginan Seidl shows what advantages it means for a girl when she lets Afghan society slip into the role of a boy and grow up accordingly privileged.

The third exhibition site, the PLATFORM, is positioned as a satellite with a supplementary program to the main exhibition sites. The approach to the topic is broad and as inclusive as possible. The focus is on the complexity, polyphony as well as the constant development process within the gender dispositive up to current and concrete changes in relation to the social perception and understanding of gender.

The exhibition would like to make an important contribution to the topic of gender and equality and opens up the possibility of a dialogue through the artistic contributions. The exhibition is generously sponsored by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse München and the Verein Ausstellungshaus für christliche Kunst.

Art mediation with the help of an agency is an important part of the preparation of our exhibition. Through innovative and sustainable events, cultural education and encounters can be made possible. Together with an interdisciplinary team of art educators, artists and cultural workers, creative ways will be used to give social questions a face and thus create space for public discussion.


DG Kunstraum:
Jutta Burkhardt
Cihan Cakmak
Rineke Dijkstra
Alicia Framis
Katharina Gaenssler
Harry Hachmeister
Julia Krahn
Benyamin Reich
Aura Rosenberg
Thomas Ruff
Doro Seror (Performance)
Tejal Shah
Pola Sieverding
Jana Sterbak
Sophia Süßmilch

Paul Adie

Galerie der Künstler (BBK):
Yalda Afsah / Ginan Seidl
Katharina Gaenssler
HAVEIT (Alketa and Lola Sylaj, Hana and Vesa Qena)
Cyrill Lachauer
Sara Mayoral Jimenez
Domino Pyttel
Lilian Robl
Tejal Shah
Susanne Wagner

Sara Mayoral Jimenez
Stephanie Müller with Klaus Erika Dietl
Sophia Süßmilch with Valentin Wagner
Domino Pyttel with Murat Kiziltas