press release

The Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art is pleased to present, NONE OF THE ABOVE, curated and designed by John Armleder, which will bring together the work of over thirty international artists. Each work in the exhibition will be of extremely reduced size, or immaterial and will be installed over the full space of the S I in unconventional spots: in clusters or singled out in corners in such a way that the exhibition device, its strategy, will play an overt substantial part of the event, albeit clearing the exhibition rooms to an almost empty look. The invited artists have been informed about the rough curatorial handling of their pieces, and many, having been guests to John Armleder’s projects before, are aware of these procedures.

Artworks of various media will be presented, either in their authors' usual manner, or as specific projects conceived and adapted for the show. Display strategies, snare shows, deception events, and exhibitions as exhibits have a long tradition, the lineage going back to the Suprematists, Dada and the Surrealists to Fluxus or the seminal Lucy Lippard shows, and many such concerns are activated by today’s generation of artists and curators. In this spirit, John Armleder has conceived "None of the Above", where the presence of Richard Artschwager's "Blp" is a clear hommage to that history, as well as to the artist who introduced one of the most emblematic pieces in that genre.

John Armleder, since his time at the Fluxus-connected Ecart (1969-1982) has initiated many events of similar flavor, and some projects will be presented during the exhibition, such as the Villa Magica Records (in cooperation with Stéphane Armleder and Sylvie Fleury) and the Yellow Pages book (with the 404Team).


NONE OF THE ABOVE / group show organized by John Armleder

mit Dave Allen, Richard Artschwager, Fia Backström, Massimo Bartolini, Francis Baudevin, Patterson Beckwith, Monica Bonvicini, Olaf Breuning, AA Bronson, Maurizio Cattelan, Jay Christensen, Martin Creed, Stephane Dafflon, Philippe Decrauzat, Jason Dodge, Sylvie Fleury, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Fabrice Gygi, Alix Lambert, Bertrand Lavier, Balthazar Lovay, Christian Marclay, Mathieu Mercier, Simon Moretti, Olivier Mosset, Amy O´Neill, Mark Orange, Breier P-Orridge, Steven Parrino, Mai-Thu Perret, Peter Pumpler, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Markus Sixay, Haim Steinbach, Rudolf Stingel, Blair Thurman, John Tremblay, Pierre Vadi, Xavier Veilhan, Jordan Wolfson