press release

Place: National Centre for Contemporary Arts, exhibition hall

National Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA) and Ltd. Art Finance present an exhibition from the Gazprombank collection, “A Clear and Unseen Presence in the City”.

From the moment of its inception, NCCA has not only formed its own collection of Russian and international contemporary art, but also studied the collections of state and private institutions.

The Gazprom Bank collection is one of the most important corporate contemporary art collections in Russia today and is interesting to NCCA from the point of view of its strategy, aims and goals. It is a flagship collection of works by both well-known and new-generation Russian contemporary artists.

“A Clear and Unseen Presence in the City” is an exhibition dedicated to the city. Not a real city, described in guide books, but “personal” cities with their everyday rituals and hidden lives, secrets and spirits. The exhibition tells us that the common look at city life is not the only one. And only through combined perceptions of reality – mythological and social – does one get a chance to see a picture of the world that is close to being objective.