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As the Venice Biennial is drawing to an end Jasmina Cibic has invited the curator of the Slovenian Pavilion to London to present and celebrate the Slovenian Pavilion as one of the most successful Pavilions of this year’s Biennial. Jasmina Cibic will be showing segments of her studio practice alongside elements of the installation, For Our Economy and Culture, which is still on show in Venice. The NL- Dutch Cultural Pop-Up exhibition, Collectors’ Items #5 that takes place annually and celebrates the international scope of Dutch Contemporary Art Collections will also be on show in the same building. Collectors’ Items #5, this year entitled Studio System, curated by Ken Pratt will be exhibiting works from the most famous Dutch Collections, featuring Frank Ammerlaan; Marc Bijl, Claire de Jong, Inti Hernandez, Ed Lipski, Thomas Raat and others.

The Slovenian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial in London
Jasmina Cibic

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