press release

Painting is in all probability the artistic medium that has been most affected by and that is in part responsible for the changes in aesthetic modernity this century. It is in the ability of this medium to explore its own limits that its true youthfulness resides. Sight Mapping offered us a particular vision of a return to abstraction following the toing and froing of the 1980s. Ten artists recreated for rekalde the imaginary fascination between the painter and the canvas, the pleasure of a form of painting which, while distancing itself from the notion of representation, is captivated by the image, vision and colour.


Kurator: Andrew Bick

mit Linda Besemer, Andrew Bick, Rolf Bier, A K Dolven, Patrick M. Fitzgerald, Pia Fries, Ben Ravenscroft, David Rhodes, Sherman Sam, Sonita Singwi