press release

Every few years, every few instants, passions stall only to ignite again. There is a heating and cooling system immanent to all forms. Heat is wont to disengage itself from its indulgent sacrosanct forms, and take a walk elsewhere, to a boondocks, a hyperborean clammed-up tabula rasa-ic ur-Ohm bowel-loosing bog. The river Lethe is in the house. But enough people pee in the Lethe to warm it to 23° C, and then boom: we have place and status and sensuality again –Big Time Sensuality.

Usually, along the interstitial pickets between the Lethe and the Fuck Farm, forms present themselves at their most recognizable. A form as a sloppy rivet, helping to constellate what hopes to be a brilliant panoply; a form as the morning junk in your eye before the nails of light certify* the retina's seamless beauty. Every eye has its duty to cartography, and the lines it draws can't remain chartable. Each unique amorphous moment a strident temperature soon to evanesce, and to sit. The amount of time spent sitting (then) leaks, auspicious...

*A shelf full of glassware, or a small dusty mercenary army encamped on the side of a hill, or a miracle of baking kelp on the baked sand Here we have it; Have we it here? a sampling from a local precinct, a study in thermal caprice/courtship.

only in german

RITTER/ZAMET London at RENTAL presents

SUNSHINE , Uri Aran, Brian Belott, Dan Colen, Nancy de Holl, Ara Dymond, Jenifer Evans, Daniele Frazier, Tom Holmes, Nate Lowman, Mrzyk & Moriceau, Danica Phelps, Rob Pruitt, Michael E. Smith, Mateo Tannatt

Kuratoren: Darren Bader, Ritter / Zamet