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Art as a Journey in Permanence is an artist exchange program between art students from Reykjavik and Berlin, arranged by Karin Sander, Tumi Magnusson and the Bankakademie Frankfurt. The project with our Icelandic colleagues began with a journey through their country. Our conversation, on our art, both during the journey and in the academy, led to the creation of a number of joint projects. We discussed our personal approaches to art, evolved new ways of working together, and then carried out experiments in the Icelandic landscape using a range of different materials. We created new works on the spot: one-, two- and three dimensional pictures of potentially trans-regional and trans-cultural significance.

This Icelandic journey is represented in the rooms of the Bankakademie Frankfurt and the SAFN Gallery Reykjavik by the individual students' works in the form of paintings, sculptures, films, drawings, photographs, installations, performance, interviews, sound recordings - as well as electronic, scientific, and architectural works - in short, in every imaginable artistic medium. Their common denominator is the artists' interdisciplinary modus operandi. The exhibition does not purport to have an artistic program or a curatorial theme. Rather it represents the provisional outcome of a journey that - like art itself - is always to be continued.

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Polar Circulations
Art as a Journey in Permanence

Künstler: Alexandra Litarker, Andreas Sell, Björk Viggosdottir, Dieter Lutsch, Eckhard Karnauke, FallerMiethStüssiWeck (FMSW), Fiete Stolte, Helgi Örn Petursson, Ingolfur Arnasson, Jana Debrodt, Karin Sander, Klara Porhallsdottir, Kristjana Ros Gudjohnsen, Michael Otto, Ole Aselmann, Paulina Leon, Peter Müller, Tumi Magnusson, Ute Ringel