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Moti Hasson Gallery is very pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition of Berlin-based painter Miriam Vlaming.

A student of acclaimed painters Arno Rink, the so-called father of the venerable "New Leipzig School" and Neo Rauch, Miriam Vlaming is nonetheless divergent in her approach. Through its "deliberate imperfection", her work evokes an archaic sensibility that has been linked in the past to a kind of melancholy and longing, yet Good Morning Revival -- like the painting it is named after -- combats the romantic idea of returning to nature. The scale and intentionally conflicted pairings of many works on view makes tangible the possibility of entering into them physically as much as psychologically.

Creating signature surfaces that belie a process whereby the artist destroys and rebuilds layers of egg tempera onto canvas, Vlaming "slurs visual information, turns it into its opposite, and creates palimpsests where abstraction and figuration interlace" notes German critic and historian Dr. Gerhard Charles Rump.

Often sourced from photographs and incorporating more historical processes, this new series is consistent with Vlaming's past work, yet is increasingly moving away from figuration as a primary element. As curator Susanne Altmann writes, it is through her "tendency to destruction that intervenes and prevents these hackneyed elements from being interchangeable or monotonous". As this exhibition demonstrates, mere signs or remnants of civilization permeate the pseudo-mythological environments she creates. Through non-narrative compositions and abstract color washes, the conflicted balance between the power, strength, and fragility of Vlaming's canvases come to the fore, where memory and history are embedded into a process that speaks to what Altmann calls her uncanny ability to acknowledge the "unceasing transformation of supposedly unshakeable memories."

A forthcoming catalogue on Miriam Vlaming's work will be co-published between Moti Hasson Gallery and Maerzgalerie, Leipzig, and distributed in the United States through D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. Please contact the gallery with any further inquiries.

Miriam Vlaming's work can also be viewed in other exhibitions this summer including Promised Land, curated by Elizabeth M. Grady at Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York (June 7-August 4, 2007) and Wild at Heart at Kunstverein Oberhausen, Germany (June 17-July 19, 2007). Her work will also be featured in upcoming group and solo exhibitions in Germany at Museum Der Stadt Ratingen and Maerzgalerie, Leipzig.

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Miriam Vlaming
Good Morning Revival