press release

February 8 – March 30, 2023

Works from 1964 to 2008

Join us on Thursday, February 8, from 6 to 9 pm at Sfeir-Semler Hamburg

“I understood at the time, that I was not interested in portraiture in its conventional sense, but rather in the human figure’s emotional and psychic evocative power as a metaphor, the body’s ability to incarnate our erotic, social and political yearnings, inhibitions and prohibitions.”
MARWAN, 2014

Marwan Kassab Bachi (1934-2016) is an internationally renowned artist, regarded as one of the pillars of modern painting in the Middle East. Living in Berlin since 1957, Marwan’s work embodies the influences of German Expressionism and Sufi mysticism from his native culture. His early works were figurative yet surreal representations of people. Since the early 70s, he increasingly focused on the face, until it became his main subject matter. Each painting is a product of several layers of faces repeatedly painted on top of each other in a flurry of color and brush strokes, in his attempt to discover the inner self, ultimately creating spiritual intensity and depth to his work.