press release

This exhibition in Municipal gallery in Pilsen connects ideally to the installation in Romanesque cellars of The Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague. There is relation , which is accented by author through dedication of second half of his poem to this exhibition in Pilsen:

garden is not garden garden doesn’t exist there are stones singing there two gardens are still one garden

This time Bagnoli is transferring an idea of garden as a model of universe on the earth and assembling his works of art in different perspective. Golden stub with its roots are rearing up to the light and bronze sculpture is discovering unexpected form eddying levels of material, and we can only from specific angle identify the shape, we know from Prague.

Conception this exhibition is eked out with installation from 2007 called Tis d esi? (Kdo jsi?), which is also connected to the conception of garden. On a large parabolic mirror there is projection of ten together coherent pictures. It concerns miniatures taken by video camera by artist during the the turning the leaves in manuscript of Anthology of Persian poets (from 1399), stored by Evkaf Museum in Istanbul. Reflected pictures in the mirror and through it projected on the wall displays transformed physique of Persian garden.

The exhibition elucidate duplicate method of reception: sight and vision. Extension of these abilities opens possibility to be alive better to the reality and course of events.

Bagnoli’s enquiry is based on conception of time and space. The artist tries visualise that, what we wouldn’t perceive another way, and his work is detecting unsuspected aspects of the world, which surrounds us, and we woudn’t notice those otherwise.

(Miroslava Hajek)

only in german

Marco Bagnoli
Mistica della Forma - Mystika Tvaru
Kurator: Miroslava Hajek