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As a counterpart to its historical section, the exhibition presents the contemporary artistic scene on Cyprus. As the inheritors of a fragmented geopolitical space, these artists are relentlessly questioning notions of territory, identity and frontiers. At the same time, their questioning of the past knows no taboos, rejecting any notion of the inevitable, demonstrating strong aspirations for communities to live together, and looking resolutely to the future.

Identity, history and memory, division and borders, nomadism and migration are among the many subjects that run through the work of contemporary Cypriot artists. Making new maps, smudging them with ink to highlight violence, and photographing the wasted landscape on a long journey by foot, defying the danger of striding through the ‘dead zone’, arise from projects both concrete and intellectual that place into question the sociopolitical issues of today.

Like contemporary ‘ethnologists’, they unearth the tracks and revive the individual and collective memory, thereby transgressing notions of imposed barriers and borders. Offering an imaginary restructuring of space and revisiting history, they reinvent the political and social situation of Cyprus in a subtle and nuanced way. With gravitas, nuanced with humour and an edge of desacralisation, they interpret the symbols of the island’s artistic and political past; they also examine in a playful way certain clichés and diverse aspects of contemporary Cypriot society. At the same time, they often turn away from political questions, to place the accent on individual trajectories and refocus on more intimate and personal questions

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Mapping Cyprus
Contemporary Views
Kurator: Androula Michael

Künstler: Klitsa Antoniou, Yioula Chadjigeorgiou, Nikos Charalambides, Savvas Christodoulides, Mustafa Hulusi, Nicos Kouroussis, Phanos Kyriacou, Lia Lapithi, Maria Loizidou, Panayiotis Michael, Andreas Savva, Socratis Socratous