press release

This exhibition was sort of a "projecting ahead" and it was trying to outline the character of the place and the following programs. Accordingly the show was a summary - without any special thematic purpose – which was to search formal and constant analogies trying to show them between the different artistic approaches. The simultaneous presentations of the different genres was willing to focus on more important parameters than the „who did it ?” and „where was it done?” questions. From this point of view the title was an ironic preface of the exhibition.

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Ort: Schröderstr. 13, 10115 D-Berlin

Künstler: Sergio Belinchon, Balint Havas, Antal Lakner, Franz Höfner, Harry Sachs, Michael Böhler, Hajnal Nemeth, Lilla von Puttkamer, Attila Szücs, Little Warsaw