press release

Lydia Ourahmane
108 Days
November 28, 2023–April 1, 2024

As MACBA inaugurates a new season, over one hundred individuals and collectives from a cross-section of Barcelona’s social spectrum will occupy the tower of the Meier building in a project that confronts the Museum’s modus operandi. Inhabiting, gathering, sharing, being permeable…, these are all qualities that infuse the site-specific project 108 Days by Lydia Ourahmane (Saïda, Algeria, 1992). The title refers both to the number of days the exhibition is open to the public and to the total of participants engaging with the space during this time.

108 Days brings an extended city context into the Museum by foregrounding individuals and collectives who form part of its social landscape and have been specifically chosen by Ourahmane, who has lived in Barcelona since 2021. The space will be occupied by what the participants consider urgent and incisive, with the aim of promoting critical dialogue and exchange with the space, the institutional framework and those who visit it. Like many of her projects, 108 Daysrelates to the artist’s immediate surroundings and engages with the social, political and experiential, while being rooted in personal histories and experiences, whether individual or collective.

This work presents a significant alteration to the way the Museum normally operates, firstly by leaving the space empty, aside from a few essential elements, and secondly by interpreting the Museum’s commission by inviting 108 individual participants. The trust between the artist, the institution, those invited and the audience is what lends significance to the work.

Ourahmane’s praxis poses the following questions: How can the institutional structures and parameters that define contemporary societies be defied? How can vigilance and the impositions of bureaucracy be overturned? How can artworks involve active and effective protests? Through these inquiries, Ourahmane brings the personal into the political field and the domestic into the field of history.