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In November 1998, during Johannes Kahrs one-man show at the Almine Rech Gallery, a sizeable video installation ("A-h") was shown, along with a series of 50 charcoal drawings.

The upcoming exhibition will, for the most part, consist of a diptych: two large oil paintings. Johannes Kahrs paints and draws, he also works with video and photography. The challenges of painting today are a vital field of exploration for this artist: how to make a painting with such and such a topic? A 1997 painting: a woman seated, revealing her bared genitalia, another, a painting from 1993, depicts a man, with one leg amputated--such are the still difficult, not to say taboo, images and subjects which Karhs has elected to address. Another facet of the subjects he's interested in concerns the images we have in common, due to a shared film and contemporary music--faces and situations or events which sometimes become symbolic.

The diptych for this Johannes Kahrs exhibition, on view from 10 November to 23 December 2000, is a continuation of this line of exploration in his work. Johannes Kahrs'work will be exhibited at the Munich Kunstverein in January, 2001.


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Johannes Kahrs