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New York (August 8, 2006) - Perry Rubenstein Gallery 527 West 23rd Street proudly presents the world premiere of It Will All End In Tears, the new trilogy by Danish filmmaker Jesper Just. On September 8th, 2006, the gallery will transform into a unique theater showcasing three 35-mm films, A Little Fall of Rain, And Dreaming Is Nursed In Darkness, and It Will All End in Tears in high definition video. Filmed in the summer of 2005, this marks Just’s first time setting classic New York City spaces as backdrops for his work. As his second solo exhibition with the gallery, this will be Just’s newest work on view since the premiere of his Opera True Love is Yet to Come commissioned by PERFORMA 05.

Jesper Just’s films, heavily influenced by film noir aesthetics, are moody, atmospheric narratives often comprised of ambiguous and unresolved storylines. Just employs social and cinematic conventions to weave together motifs such as power and redemption into films that are intimate yet unclear expressions. Unique to this trilogy, Just communicates new dynamics never before distinguished in his previous films. It will All End In Tears casts a shadowy, nightmarish overtone through which Just introduces themes like danger and risk to explore unsettling revelations within his characters. The dark discourse of the film carries fear to the forefront, as the characters confront their past, seek redemption and strive to make intuitive leaps of understanding. Through a series striking occurrences and ambiguous identity exchanges, It Will All End in Tears challenges social conventions associated with cross-gender and cross-generational relationships. Just’s significant production value yields an epic trilogy crafted with seductive cinematic charge. As in all of his films, It Will All End in Tears features a familiar cast of professional actors, musicians and singers, including The Finnish Screaming Men’s Choir (Mieskuoro Huutajat).

Jesper Just was born in 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he currently lives and works. He has participated in numerous international exhibitions at: The Danish National Gallery, Royal Danish Museum, The Royal College of Art in London, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino, Italy; Hammer Museum at UCLA; Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis; Harbourfront Center in Toronto, Canada and Momentum 04 in Moss, Norway. He graduated from the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2003.

On October 10th 2006 Perry Rubenstein Gallery and Galeri Christina Wilson will host Jesper Just’s London premiere of It will all End in Tears at the Prince Charles Cinema at Leicester Square in conjunction with Frieze International Art Fair.


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