press release

venue: Arsenal Gallery power, ul. Electric 13, Bialystok

CASE OF EDWARD H ... AND IZY G ... - multimedia project Izabella Gustowska (2008 - 2011) suggest customers to experience the phenomenon of opening up the strings of time in different spaces fantastic Arsenal Gallery power plant in Bialystok. For years the problem facing artists and scientists from around the world ( example is the Large Hadron Collider.) I'm interested in the phenomenon of open space-time dimension of art. And so my spaces open onto: Space No. 1 - / THE CASE OF EDWARD H ... / In the film narratives enter the world of paintings by the American artist Edward Hopper (1882- 1967 ). Frozen situations with images penetrate movie quotes, we are surrounded by fragments from a variety of painting and film reality. We are located in the active space images and sounds. Space no. 2 - / CASE ... IZY G / W / Case Iza G ... / I type a space similar to the frames of the paintings of Edward Hopper, but this is my time contemporary and space of my home, and above all the experience of my trip to America in 2010. The movie works Minimum fragments of quotes permeable frames from the No. 1, which is / Case Edward H ... /. Cases of time Edward H. and G. tears penetrate each other. I'm just stop for a moment these two strings of time.