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Intimations of the Past is an international exhibition at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts that has been organised in conjunction with a conference (Exposed Memory) of the Hungarian Faculty of the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (AICA).

The photo and video works displayed in Barcsay Hall, by focusing on the microcosm of the family, shed light on the connections of – and different approaches to – personal and collective memory. Based on the chosen narratives, the artists interpret the concept and diverse thematic possibilities of memory from different vantage points. The title of the exhibition also alludes to the position of the “outsider”, the viewer, as the various pathways of “processing” offer us an opportunity to perceive as real irretrievable personal experiences that we don’t have the means to recall, with the awareness that we are viewing others’ private memories, others’ pasts, and the presence of others’ pasts, from a “safe” perspective. The process of remembering, in whatever circumstances it takes place, is a fragile “operation”, which requires the constant concentration of not only the one who is doing the recalling, but also of those who are listening to it.

artists: Chantal Akerman (B), Gőbölyös Luca (H), Gerber Pál (H) Gyenis Tibor (H), Anna Konik (Pl), Adrian Paci (Al / I), Mario Rizzi (I), Anri Sala (Al /Fr)

curators: Eszter Lazar, art historian János Strurcz, art historian


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Intimations of the Past
Kuratoren: Eszter Lazar, Janos Strurcz

mit Chantal Akerman, Gőbölyös Luca, Gerber Pal, Gyenis Tibor, Anna Konik, Adrian Paci, Mario Rizzi, Anri Sala