IMA Brisbane

INSTITUTE OF MODERN ART | 420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
4006 Brisbane

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Asia/Pacific themes, local and international artists, regional Queensland, multicultural, IMA/QAG collaboration, installation, painting, printmaking, sculpture

Lonnie Hutchinson This Show Is What I Do Maori / Samoan artist Lonnie Hutchinson transforms the gallery into a chapel with a shrine to Elvis, the Elvesi claimed as Polynesia’s own, and a series of signature black cut-out paper veils representing the Stations of the Cross. However it is the inky eroticism of her nude studies – evoking the bloodstained histories of sexual slavery in the Pacific – that steal the show.

Reuben Paterson He Aha Te Mea Nui... In his show He Aha Te Mea Nui / What Is The Greatest Thing? Maori artist Reuben Peterson rewrites Maoritanga through bling. He uses shimmer disks to picture a postcard beach scene, animating it with an artificial zephyr provided by an electric fan; and creates an 'island' of accumulated glitter encrusted shoes.

Samuel Tupou New Tapa Summer Collection Samuel Tupou makes decorative graphic works, screenprinted on perspex. Conflating images from his Tongan cultural inheritance with imagery from pop art and popular culture, they are equal parts tapa and Warhol. The work pays tribute to Island values as it evacuates them. Tupou is based in Cairns where he runs a T-shirt printing business.

Lonnie Hutchinson, Reuben Paterson, Sam Tupou
Kurator: David Broker