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In this work series, the square is the subject—in writing and in form. The Suprematist Kazimir Malevich (1915, "Black Square" on a white background) was for a forerunner of the idea of condensing the form and content of paintings to the highest possible degree. Ten decades later, HP Adamski consciously refers to the abstract art of modernity and translates its avant-garde theories and geometric symbolism.

Along with the exposition, a series of drawings and the video "poem" are shown. In the video "poem", Adamski installed fragmentary lines of text like miniature pamphlets on his own face. The gummed labels stimulate the facial muscles and nerves to such a degree as for the face to lose itself in uncontrollable twitches, finally distorting into grimaces reaching the grotesque. In the course of the video loop, Adamski recollects himself regaining calm and self-control.

HP Adamski's works are represented in important public and private collections worldwide. As one of the primary representatives of the German "Junge Wilde", he refrained from resting on the laurels of his highly successful period in the 80ies. Instead, he has created plenty of new work groups, strictly different from one another, over the last 30 years. He lives and works in Berlin and Dresden (where he is a professor for painting at the HFBK Dresden).

The edition "quadratischtrinken schöner" (which roughly translates to: squaredrinking more beautiful) is published parallel to the exposition in a small edition of 40 copies.

only in german

Hans Peter Adamski
"Nicht ruhe geben bervor die Erde quadratisch ist & ein Poem"
(dont rest until the world is square)