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Genk’s visual culture and arts center FLAC© is organizing its bi-annual [image forum] for the first time this fall. This event has developed from the former International Seminar on Photography. This time it is different… An expansion is taking place towards other media arts. Thus the new name: image in the broadest sense of the word. With this project, we wish to contribute to the development of artistic photography and other media art forms in Belgium. As always, FLAC© will present a highly interesting list of events.

The theme of this first edition is ‘locality’, to be interpreted as a (critical) questioning of the term. We are not showing illustrating but confronting and revealing images, images that have the power of critical statements or those of intense and lived experiences. Traditionally, the project was subdivided into exhibitions and master classes. These will be expanded with a symposium and a film program.

In the exhibition INward OUTward (from the 1st of October to the 13th of November), the works of international photographers and media artists in the context of a reflection on ‘localness’. The title refers to the in- and outward stream of people, goods, ideas, etc that define the singularity of a specific place. Works by Wout Berger (NL), Dik Bouwhuis (NL), Heinz Cibulka (AT), Naval Cassidy (US), Jeremy Deller (UK), Harun Farocki (DE), Michiel Helbig (BE), Gert Jochems (BE), Kadar (HU), Anastasia Koroshilova (RU), Kai Kraatz (DE), Lena von Lapshina (AT), Jean Massart (BE), Reinhard Matz (DE), Allan Sekula (US), Solu (FI), Florian Thalhofer & Kolja Mensing (DE) en Andreas Weinand (DE) will be presented.

Another exhibition, Cité-Jardin, ‘Le bon patron fait le bon ouvrier’ (André Dumont), will be shown simultaneously. It is a documentary exhibition on the extraordinary architecture of the mining site Waterschei. In a photography section, images of the mine architecture taken in 1941 by Martin Kadar are confronted with a new photographic interpretation of two Limburg photographers, Tom Frederiks and Guy Dupont. A second section will be an initiative to examine the work of architect Gaston Voutquenne, who was in service at the coalmine André Dumont from 1912 until 1940. The importance of this striking piece of architectural heritage will also be studied.

During the Master Classes Photography & Media Art (from the 24th to the 28th of October) four lecturers will be guiding photography students from Belgian art academies. With Gert Jochems (BE) and Wout Berger (NL) the focus will respectively be on the journalistic approach and on the landscape within photography. With Reinhard Matz (DE) and Solu (FI) we are presenting two international artists. They will be representing a more ideological and performative component.

On Sunday, October 30th, a Symposium will be held with presentations by the four lecturers. Other speakers, notably Pool Andries, Stef Van Bellingen and Rik Pinxten are to be invited as well. They will approach the theme of ‘locality’ from a personal or academic point of view. A connecting Film Program is to be held on Monday, October 31st, in cooperation with the arts center TOR. A ten hour long presentation of Heimat 3 from the German director Edgar Reitz is tentatively scheduled.


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INward OUTward

mit Wout Berger, Dik Bouwhuis, Heinz Cibulka, Naval Cassidy, Jeremy Deller, Harun Farocki, Michiel Helbig, Gert Jochems, Martin Kadar, Anastasia Koroshilova, Kai Kraatz, Lena Lapschina, Jean Massart, Reinhard Matz, Allan Sekula, Solu , Florian Thalhofer & Kolja Mensing, Andreas Weinand