press release

This exhibition is based on the reconsideration of primitive art and children’s art carried out by artists from the viewpoint of Surrealism, which shaped the iconography of avant-garde art, both in Europe and in America, in relation to the human figure, the face and graffiti, in Constructivism, Art Brut, Art Informel and the legacy of Abstract Expressionism.

The selection of works in the exhibition will trace the evolution and development of that world of imagery—that fire—in modern art through the work of such well-known artists as Pablo Picasso, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, Gaston Chaissac, Jean Dubuffet, Germaine Richier and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others.


only in german

from Picasso to Basquiat
Centro Julio Gonzalez
Kurator: Kosme de Barnano
Organization: IVAM

mit Pablo Picasso, Joaquín Torres-García, Gaston Chaissac, Jean Dubuffet, Germaine Richier, Jean-Michel Basquiat, u.a.