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Corso Multisala is an exhibition generated around a tight-knit group of emerging artists from Switzerland, who exhibit, curate and publish together. The exhibition highlights and catches the unique momentum of the group, who share a strong interest in collaboration and improvisation, pirating from sources that range from postmodern patterning to club culture. The exhibition is generated with the artists, who have also invited a number of participants from other countries and generations.

Corso Multisala presents many different aspects of collective production and participation, and is marked by various forms of spontaneous architecture, notably a group of ‘stage sets' that incorporate movable walls, musical instruments, and video and light features. The stage sets are being activated and changed throughout the exhibition, in a wide-ranging performance programme that includes a major participatory music piece by Hannah Weinberger.

Other temporary structures include the Othello Club - a pavilion designed by Emil Michael Klein, Tobias Madison, Kaspar Müller and Emanuel Rossetti, and which is being used as the setting for various events. Additional works include new video installations made on site by Cédric Eisenring and Thomas Julier, as well as sculptural speakers by Jan Vorisek.

The shared interests of the young Swiss artists are reflected in the other collaborating artists that they have invited to join them. The grand scenographic installations of John Armleder (CH) have been a major influence, and the artist is represented by a number of large-scale wall paintings. Other highlights include graphic scores by Cornelius Cardew (UK), fabrics by Adele Röder (DE), prints by Jean-Michel Wicker (FR) and a special performance staged by Ei Arakawa (JA), among others.

Organised by Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti in collaboration with Rhea Dall, Charlottenborg's curator.

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Corso Multisala
Kuratoren: Tobias Madison, Emanuel Rossetti, Rhea Dall

Künstler: Mathis Altmann, John Armleder, Cornelius Cardew, Cedric Eisenring, Thomas Julier, Emil Michael Klein, Tobias Madison, Kaspar Müller, Emanuel Rossetti, Adele Röder, Thomas Sauter, Jan Vorisek, Hannah Weinberger, Jean-Michel Wicker, Ei Arakawa, Vittorio Brodmann, Oliver Falk ...