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This year Gallery Skuc started to work on the projects where younger artists are going to be presented in our space. This was the main purpose to invite three artist form different countries to participate on the group show with the title Bottom line. Not all of them are internationally well known but quality of their work is definitely stepping out and they are becoming more and more active in the international contemporary art scene. For this particular show we invited Romanian artist Anca Benera, Dutch artist Delta and French artist Rémi Rivoire.

The show will present their works, which are made particularly for Gallery Skuc. All of the projects will be made directly on the wall using different materials from adhesive tape and strings to cardboard and ping-pong balls. The structures made in the Gallery will be based on transformation of space in the way that the walls (or the room) can be represented as an indispensable part of the artwork. All the works will be made out of pure lines so they will work on strictly two-dimensional perspective. The visitor will construct tri dimensional pictures with using ones own imagination.

The Romanian artist Anca Benera will make a space installation. The work is conceived as an installation which will give the visitor completely different perception of the place they use to know. It's in the way like playing a game with the memory of regular visitor of the gallery and, on the other side, to show the other perspective of the typical white cube of a gallery. Anca Benera is a young artist who was exhibiting on various group shows in Italy, Germany and Turkey and she also had solo exhibitions mostly in Romania.

Delta is an artist based in Amsterdam who is coming from the field of graffiti art. His works are manly made in technique of graffiti that is used for different kind of artistic expression from painting to video. Delta is active on different levels of contemporary society from art scene to fashion and music industry - Calvin Kline, Linkin Park, DJ Vadim (Ninja Tune Records) etc.

Young French artist Rémi Rivoire is recording the images just with outline of their structure for what he is usually using just adhesive tape. The filling of three dimensions has to be construct of our view. One of his works is the map of Europe, cut out so that only lines of the streets and rivers represent the map. The web structure that he gets at the end is the representation of symbiosis of nature and human factor. The visitor has to use her/his creative spirit and lead the imagination to travel through Rivior's works.

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Bottom Line - Anca Benera, Delta INC, Rémi Rivoire

Anca Benera, Delta INC , Remi Rivoire