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For those in the market for cutting edge contemporary art, whether first-time buyers, or new or committed collectors, the Contemporary Art Society’s annual ARTfutures, is a “must see”. What makes ARTfutures unique is that each piece is individually selected by a team of curators. This year’s exhibition will show over 1000 works by around 150 artists including Liam Gillick, David Shrigley, Jane and Louise Wilson and many other established artists, alongside a host of emerging artists – the names of tomorrow. Curators are available throughout the exhibition to advise both new and committed collectors. Prices range from £100 - £5000.

ARTfutures 2005 Curators and Guest Curators: The curating team for ARTfutures 2005 is led by Jeni Walwin, independent curator and writer, and Nour Wali, Contemporary Art Society’s Corporate Collections Advisor. In addition, there are three Guest Curators at ARTfutures 2005 each of whom have been asked to nominate one artist to be included in the exhibition whose work they would like to buy if given a windfall to spend on contemporary art. The Guest Curators for ARTfutures 2005 are Iwona Blazwick (Director, The Whitechapel Art Gallery), Audrey Wallrock (Contemporary Art Collector) and Rebecca Wilson (Editor, ArtReview).

Iwona Blazwick selected the work of Claire Barclay Audrey Wallrock selected the work of Graeme Todd Rebecca Wilson selected the work of Kate Moran

Artists selected for ARTfutures 2005: Michael Ajerman; Jo Alleeson; Edward Allington; Sue Arrowsmith; Phil Ashcroft; David Austen; Charles Avery; Emi Avora ; Sarah Awan; Claire Barclay; Anna Barriball; Diann Bauer; Mark and Stephen Beasley; Dave Beech; Suky Best & Rory Hamilton; Andrew Bick; Martin Boyce; Ian Bourn & John Smith; Matt Calderwood; Jo Chate; Ross Chisholm; Olly Clegg; Lucienne Cole; Henry Coleman; Jacob Cook; Marion Coutts; Michael Craik; Richard Cramp; Adam Dant; Ian Davenport; Shez Dawood; Cathy de Monchaux; Mark Dean; Eve Dent; Graham Dolphin; Kerry Duggan; Paul Eacchus; Charlie England; Craig Fisher; Leo Fitzmaurice; Paul Flannery; Ben Ford Smith; Mark Francis; Helen Frik; Alex Frost; Clive Garland; Liam Gillick; Rachel Goodyear; Lothar Götz; Adam Gray; Brian Griffiths; Oona Grimes; Anthony Gross; Sigune Hamann; Andy H; Kay Harwood; Romily Hay; Frances Hegarty; Nicky Hirst; Gary Hume; Anna Hunt; Kenny Hunter; Thomas Hylander; Chris Jones; Johanna Karznik; Yuka Katagiri; Simon Keenleyside; Conor Kelly; Cat Picton-Phillips and Peter Kennard; Ian Kiaer; John Kindness; Natasha Kissell; Tim Knowles; Uta Kogelsberger; Henry Krokatsis; Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell; John Latham; Simon Le Ruez; Brad Lochore; Lee Maelzer; Marta Marce; Paul McDevitt; Jordan McKenzie; Katy Moran; Catherine Morland; Heather and Ivan Morison; Craig Mulholland; Penny Neville-Lee; Avis Newman; Rupert Norfolk; Mahali O'Hare; David Osbaldseston; Luke Oxley; Simon Patterson; Toby Paterson; Claire Petherick; Vong Phaophanit; Sarah Pickstone; Ian Rawlinson; Polly Read; Tim Renshaw; Carol Rhodes; Michael Samuels; Nina Saunders; Helen Sear; Jessica Shattock; David Shrigley; Ross Sinclair; Vanessa Smith; Hans Stofer; Anne Sutton; Duncan Swann; Taryn Takahashi; Karen Tang; Colin R Martin; The Lonely Piper; Graeme Todd; Gavin Turk; Ruth Uglow; Hanneline Visnes; Naglaa Walker; Roxy Walsh; Jen Wei Kuo; Eve Weinmayr; Richard Wentworth; Michael Whittle; Jane and Louise Wilson; Sam Winston; John Wood and Paul Harrison; Sarah Woodfine; Richard Woods; Richard Wright; Catherine Yass; Isabel Young


ARTfutures 2005
ARTfutures 2005 Artists' Studio Visit and Curators' Tour
The exciting way to begin or extend a contemporary art collection

Artists selected for ARTfutures 2005:
Michael Ajerman, Jo Alleeson, Edward Allington, Sue Arrowsmith, Phil Ashcroft, David Austen, Charles Avery, Emi Avora , Sarah Awan, Claire Barclay, Anna Barriball, Diann Bauer, Mark and Stephen Beasley, Dave Beech, Suky Best & Rory Hamilton, Andrew Bick, Martin Boyce, Ian Bourn & John Smith, Matt Calderwood, Jo Chate, Ross Chisholm, Olly Clegg, Lucienne Cole, Henry Coleman, Jacob Cook, Marion Coutts, Michael Craik, Richard Cramp, Adam Dant, Ian Davenport, Shez Dawood, Cathy de Monchaux, Mark Dean, Eve Dent, Graham Dolphin, Kerry Duggan, Paul Eacchus, Charlie England, Craig Fisher, Leo Fitzmaurice, Paul Flannery, Ben Ford Smith, Mark Francis, Helen Frik, Alex Frost, Clive Garland, Liam Gillick, Rachel Goodyear, Lothar Götz, Adam Gray, Brian Griffiths, Oona Grimes, Anthony Gross, Sigune Hamann, Andy H, Kay Harwood, Romily Hay, Frances Hegarty, Nicky Hirst, Gary Hume, Anna Hunt, Kenny Hunter, Thomas Hylander, Chris Jones, Johanna Karznik, Yuka Katagiri, Simon Keenleyside, Conor Kelly, Cat Picton-Phillips and Peter Kennard, Ian Kiaer, John Kindness, Natasha Kissell, Tim Knowles, Uta Kogelsberger, Henry Krokatsis, Langlands & Bell, John Latham, Simon Le Ruez, Brad Lochore, Lee Maelzer, Marta Marce, Paul McDevitt, Jordan McKenzie, Katy Moran, Catherine Morland, Heather and Ivan Morison, Craig Mulholland, Penny Neville-Lee, Avis Newman, Rupert Norfolk, Mahali O´Hare, David Osbaldseston, Luke Oxley, Simon Patterson, Toby Paterson, Claire Petherick, Vong Phaophanit, Sarah Pickstone, Ian Rawlinson, Polly Read, Tim Renshaw, Carol Rhodes, Michael Samuels, Nina Saunders, Helen Sear, Jessica Shattock, David Shrigley, Ross Sinclair, Vanessa Smith, Hans Stofer, Anne Sutton, Duncan Swann, Taryn Takahashi, Karen Tang, Colin R Martin, The Lonely Piper, Graeme Todd, Gavin Turk, Ruth Uglow, Hanneline Visnes, Naglaa Walker, Roxy Walsh, Jen Wei Kuo, Eve Weinmayr, Richard Wentworth, Michael Whittle, Jane & Louise Wilson, Sam Winston, John Wood / Paul Harrison, Sarah Woodfine, Richard Woods, Richard Wright, Catherine Yass, Isabel Young