press release

Vienna-based artist Anna-Sophie Berger has invited American artist Hayley Silverman and Kosovar artist Flaka Haliti to co-produce an exhibition that explores the nature and value of constructing the social environments of artists. As both a testing ground and a series of expressions made visible, this exhibition serves to both encompass as well as give occasion to possibilities made manifest through an open-sharing and non-dualistic, non-individualistic praxis between these three artists.

The exhibition is comprised of these three divergent artists' voices considering the body explicitly and implicitly. American artist Hayley Silverman presents photographs silk-screened on partitions, depicting queer bodies in states of play and pose. Austrian artist Anna-Sophie Berger contributes a series of works, including textiles partly petrified through concrete. Among her artworks, Kosovar artist Flaka Haliti includes sculptures modeled on security barriers that enforce boundaries and borders on unwanted bodies.

Anna Sophie Berger, born 1989 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna. Hayley Silverman, born 1986 in New York, lives and works in New York. Flaka Haliti, born in 1982 in Pristina, Kosovo, lives and works in Munich.

Running concurrently to this show is the exhibition Animate by Angelika Loderer.

Angelika Loderer explores matters of sculpting. Alongside these explorations she also has a concern for stability and fragility, as well as permanence and ephemerality. Born in 1984 in Styria, the artist examines classical materials and techniques for their contemporary use. Her poetic experiments have included quartz-sand pressed into layers and unusual casting techniques, which broach issues of absence and presence of sculpture. For her current exhibition the artist has developed a new process, which results in a play on form as it alters and unfolds during the show. Angelika Loderer, born 1984 in Feldbach, lives and works in Vienna.

Also ongoing is the year-long exhibition in progress and artist residency by German painter, Carsten Fock. Entitled Salzburg, and running the entire length of the corridor of the Ringgalerie of the Salzburger Kunstverein, the exhibition develops stage by stage throughout the year, until its conclusion in December. Carsten Fock, born 1968, lives and works in Munich and Berlin.

All exhibitions curated by Séamus Kealy, Director, Salzburger Kunstverein.