press release

Opening of the Biennial with the artists presence on Friday, 3.08. 2007, at 6:00 p.m.

transRobota to reLocate

transRobota, the seventh edition of the Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art, will open at the Museum of Contemporary Art, part of the National Museum in Szczecin, on 3 August 2007. The site marks a shift in venue from the Lasztownia Peninsula, an industrial area in the city center that had been targeted for site-specific interventions by a group of 18 artists during the month-long event.

transRobota is being staged as a virtual intervention of the Port Rybacki Gryf area on the Lasztownia with Anne Peschken and Marek Pisarsky of Berlin-based Urban Art, which conceived of the transRobota project, working with Bogdan Achimescu to create an electronic facsimile of the Lasztownia and its environs. The area, in all its beauty, decay and transition, will be re-created in a three-dimensional animation, showing the context that inspired the artists and offering a virtual tour of the industrial area with all the art works and interventions in place. Themed as an examination of globalization's effect on labor trends and patterns in the new Millennium and an exploration of the ways that art can spur discussion about urban redevelopment of post- industrial areas that are left behind when jobs migrate, the transRobota exhibition is a three-phase project that began in October 2006 with a conference about the Lasztownia's redevelopment that featured artists, art critics and curators, city planners and elected officials.

The second phase saw 30 proposals for interventions from artists in 11 countries, displayed at the National Museum's main building on Szczecin's Waly Chrobrego in February 2007. The final phase - the virtual exhibition and display of artworks selected for the Lasztownia site - will run through September 9th.

Despite the reLocation, residents and visitors will be able to get a flavor for the broad spectrum of works on display thanks to site- specific pieces by several of the Polish and international artists invited to participate in the event. Ulrike Mohr's orange 'Timeball Station,' set up on a post-German bunker at Lasztownia, will be visible from across the city. And German artist Roland Stratmann will invite inhabitants to share with him their thoughts and art works in his 'Daydream Laboratory.' Meanwhile, Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page, together with Anna Tyszkiewicz, Marcin Piatkowski and Dominik Paszkiewicz, have created a webpage:, as both an information platform for cultural practitioners and a tool that enables residents to express their opinions about the future of the Lasztownia.

Featured artists: Kuba Bakowski (PL), Heman Chong & Saim Demircan (Singapur/GB), Markus Draper (D), Roland Fuhrmann (D), Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page (D/GB), Laura Horelli (FIN), Tilman Küntzel (D), Maciej Kurak (PL), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (D), Ulrike Mohr (D), Oliver Ressler (A), Otmar Sattel (D), Roland Stratmann (D), Urban Art: Anne Peschken & Marek Pisarsky (D), Julita Wójcik (PL)

The 7th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art -transRobota is organized within the "Artventure - Visual Art Network" project, supported by the Culture 2000 program of the European Commission. Partners: apollonia, European art exchanges, France; la Châtaignerie - the Walloon Contemporary Art Center, Belgium; Artbox; Greece; Multum in Parvo Ldt; Cyprus and the National Museum in Szczecin, Poland.

The transRobota project is organized within the MARE ARTICUM programme and the City of Szczecin's patronage of the National Museum in Szczecin and with support from the Culture Administration of Berlin. Media Patronage: TVP3 Special thanks to: Beata Nowicka, Anna Tyszkiewicz, Dominik Paszkiewicz, Marcin Piatkowski, Jerzy Raczka for their help and cooperation, and to the following institutions: KULA e.V., Port Rybacki GRYF, Austrian Culture Forum, German Federal Agency of Political Education.

7th Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art - transRobota
Kurator: Marlena Chybowska-Butler
Ort: Museum of Contemporary Art, Szczecin (Stettin)

mit Kuba Bakowski, Heman Chong & Saim Demircan, Markus Draper, Roland Fuhrmann, Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page, Laura Horelli, Tilman Küntzel, Maciej Kurak, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Ulrike Mohr, Oliver Ressler, Otmar Sattel, Roland Stratmann, Urban Art: Anne Peschken & Marek Pisarsky, Julita Wojcik