press release

Zizania is the Latin word for an invasive plant species, which biblical origin says was planted by the devil among a wheat field in order to mislead the farmers. Furthermore, in the French language, zizanie became a word meaning a discord within a community, generated by one of its member whose purpose is to pit people against each other for his own interest.

Taken as an exhibition’s title, Zizania refers to a collection of works which possibly compete with each other. Not looking for homogeneity or consensual approach, the exhibition tries to bring conflicting relationships between the works, within the works themselves, and even more between the works and the space.

The exhibition’s space LAGE 3:20 is reproduced, on a scale of 3/20, in a wooden model standing in its center. The exhibition aims to show the interferences between a deductive perception of the space – from its outside view, the model – and a biased apprehension induced by the works.