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Yayoi Kusama, internationally renowned Japanese artist, has pursued her principal themes of infinity, self-image, sexuality, and compulsive repetition since she created her first series in the late 1950s, Infinity Nets, paintings covered in flat, "endless" net-like patterns. She describes her work as "obsessional" the direct result of a precarious psychological state. From 1958-73 Kusama lived in New York, where she was well known in the Manhattan art scene of Happenings, sexual revolution and anti-war protest–all featured in her work of that period.

Kusama’s art. combines elements of 1960s American psychedelia and Pop culture, with the artist’s obsessive all-over patterning. In her installations, (often involving her own performance participation), the artist compulsively covers every surface either in dots, mirrors, or phallus-like protrusions. In 1993 she represented Japan at the 45. Venice Biennale; in 1998-99 a major retrospective exhibition, Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama 1958-1968 toured the United States and Japan (Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo) In 2000, a solo exhibition of her work was presented at the Serpentine Gallery, London. In 2001/2002 a major European exhibition toured France (Le consortium, Dijon; Maison de la culture du Japon, Paris; Le Abattoirs, Toulouse),Denmark (Kunsthallen Brandts C´defabrik), Austria (Kunsthalle, Vienna). Pressetext

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Yayoi Kusama
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