press release

"Will Boys Be Boys?" questioned adolescent masculinity in contemporary art as the media’s obsession with youth has increased. This exhibition brought together recent paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and video works that are less about a specific age group than the idea of the boy as a socially determined type - from physical presentation via clothing, hairstyle and accessories to gender specific social activities, rituals and objects.

Exhibition organized and circulated by Independent Curators International (iCI), NY

Will Boys Be Boys? Questioning Adolescent Masculinity in Contemporary Art
Organisation: iCI (Independent Curators International)

mit Slater Bradley, Larry Clark, Greg Fiering / Matt Luem, Lilah Freedland, Tim Gardner, Luis Gispert, Anthony Goicolea, Janine Gordon, Ryan Humphrey, Nikki S. Lee, Julia Loktev, Maria Marshall, Ryan McGinness, Chloe Piene, Jeff Reed, Tom Sachs, Dean Sameshima, Collier Schorr, Type A  (Adam Ames / Andrew Bordwin)