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Wherever I Am is a new exhibition of work by three artists. Yael Bartana and Emily Jacir, who were both born in 1970, are among the most impressive artists of their generation. Their work in video, photography and other media explores what it means to be, respectively, Israeli and Palestinian. With a rare intelligence and intensity, their art reflects upon the human fallout of a conflict that continues to be at the forefront of global consciousness. At the same time the issues of national identity, displacement and personal freedom raised in their work reverberate far beyond the specifics of the Middle East.

Both artists are presenting work not seen before in Britain, notably Emily Jacir's Where We Come From which movingly reveals the reality of life for many Palestinians, and Yael Bartana's When Adar Enters, which observes with a questioning detachment a festival day in a typical Israeli city.

The third artist is Lee Miller: super model turned famous war photographer. After three years working with the surrealist Man Ray, Miller brought a unique vision to everything she photographed as she embedded herself with American troops fighting their way across Europe during the final years of the Second World War. Reporting for Vogue Magazine her now classic features ranged from an Evac Field Hospital in Normandy to the fashions of 1944, photographed against the backdrop of a newly liberated Paris. Born in Upper State New York in 1907, Lee Miller died in Sussex in 1977. The selection of around fifty photographs includes work not previously exhibited.

All three artists reveal through their work a deep respect for individuals caught up in events beyond their control. The title of the exhibition reflects their approach to making art is indelibly marked by their sense of identity - wherever they are in the world.

A fully illustrated book accompanies the exhibition with texts by Michael Archer and Suzanne Cotter.


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Wherever I Am

mit Yael Bartana, Emily Jacir, Lee Miller