press release

The exhibition presents a collection of compositions, statues, constellations, assemblages and sets directly following the artist´s sculptural objects that ranked him among the leading Slovak and Central European artists. Viktor continues in connecting material, form, colour and volume, and plays with the antonyms of resistance and fragility. The artist erases basic contours of material that is being gradually uncovered and "dressed" in completely new forms, thus receiving a new identity. The artist´s creative approach can be aptly characterised by a Japanese concept of "miegakure", which includes two antonyms: "hide" and "reveal". With their fragility and dominance, at first sight ready-made objects hold the certain type of both the absence and the present.

The Connection interconnects different media, approaches and forms that seem to be mutually independent. They represent a kind of an absurd parallel to "3 in 1" (CD, DVD, T-shirt and sticker as a bonus) musical production packages. The connection, however, is not definitive, as individual forms continue to develop and react in interconnection with intelligence, poetry and humour. This is a sort of Schwittersian accumulation of material and void that subsequently creates different spatial architectures – connections. Pure, at first sight simple, spontaneous and rough interventions – gestures (situate, bend down, put, attach, move, cut off) create plasticity of surfaces and visual poetry. Individual juxtapositions of objects redefine reality just to change it later.

Viktor Freso