press release

Variation - media art fair
15.11.2017 - 25.11.2017
Eröffnung am: 14.11.2017 18:00

From 15 to 25 November 2017, ArtJaws invites you to Variation – ArtJaws Media Art Fair in Paris!

Partner of the previous editions of the exhibition, ArtJaws is coproducing Variation Media Art Fair, this year, for the first time. This “click and mortar” exhibition is becoming one of the highlights of the ArtJaws platform in Europe. In Situ, the ArtJaws team of mediation is welcoming the art collectors, and their visit is augmented online by ArtJaws via QR codes displayed on the cartels. Visitors will access to bibliographical information on the artists exhibited, detailed descriptions of the artworks and will, therefore, be able to acquire the artworks showcased directly on their smartphones or tablets.

Among the selection of exclusive artworks curated for Variation, the art collector will discover numerous artists already in the ArtJaws collection. This exhibition will give them a unique opportunity to see those artworks in an open scenography, revealing the multiplicity of new media used in the contemporary creation, especially in the field of digital arts. Through an open exhibition scenography that encourages improbable dialogues, Variation – Media Art Fair documents the world in all its tremors, from the most spectacular to the most intimate, by showcasing artworks by contemporary digital artists who often reappropriate these new technologies with surprising results.

The late 1960s saw an effervescence around the convergence of arts and technologies, spotlighted in various projects, groups and events. The Art and Technology Program in Los Angeles, Experiments in Art and Technology in New York, Cybernetic Serendipity in London. All had one point in common, they re-imagined the relationship between artists and the technological environment of their time. It was the age of motion in kinetic art, real-time in video art, aspects that artists from today’s open source cultures are reviving in new ways. Over the past five decades, digital media has persistently “contaminated” artistic media in proximity by infiltrating the lives of every one of us. So seamless is this infiltration that we have lost all notion of scale, our everyday tools are digitized in order to optimize data that we don’t even know exactly who controls. Like whistleblowers, today’s artists alert us to the fluctuations of a world we see changing in scale on a daily basis. Artists seize fragments, while we reappropriate the work that robots can’t process.

The 2017 edition will showcase 50 French and international artists, through 100 artworks and two rooms presenting a special three-part exhibition dedicated to the history of digital contemporary art.