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SOUTHFIRST gallery is proud to present UNMODERN OBSERVATIONS, a group show curated by artists BETH BRIDEAU, ELIZABETH NEEL, and YUH-SHIOH WONG. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the gallery invited three emerging artists with different backgrounds who live and work in Brooklyn and the Bronx to organize a show based on the theme “Unmodern Observations.” The group show is on view from January 27–March 5.

“The work I chose to include in this show share a quiet air. What drew me to the work of Simone Huesler, Astrid Nippolt and Reinhard Fichtner was their use of concrete objects, and real situations that express an abstract sentiment of a general experience.” BB

“Jaya Howey’s drawings use what he describes as ‘props’ to create staged landscapes populated with relics that function in terms of both abstraction and representation. Corinne Jones’ paintings operate in a geographic periphery, a space of disrepair where the organic and the manufactured are tangled, insinuating broken dreams and skewed memory. Martin Ake Smith’s photographs playfully engage with the corruptions and complications of cultural identity from both a personal and Art Historical perspective.” EN

“Rashawn Griffin- making something out of almost nothing, gluing litter and rearranging piles to create a nonlinear narrative like quietly walking up to a shy animal. Jen Kelly - a fresh and direct way of painting that is at the same time about being self-conscious. It’s an odd relationship. Ronnie Bass & Tommy Hartung - you know there is a story, somehow personal and meaningful and hypnotically musical, but is it for real?” Y-S W

Yuh-Shioh Wong’s second solo show will open at Foxy Productions on Thursday, February 16. Elizabeth Neel and her brother Andrew’s work can be seen at their current exhibition, “Event,” on view at Freight and Volume. Beth Brideau’s work can been seen in an exhibition entitled “Container 1” at AR Contemporary in Milan.


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Kuratoren: Beth Brideau, Elizabeth Neel, Yuh-Shioh Wong

mit Ronnie Bass, Reinhard Fichtner, Rashawn Griffin, Tommy Hartung, Jaya Howey, Simone Huelser, Corinne Jones, Jen Kelly, Astrid Nippoldt, Martin Ake Smith