press release

Passing through a little door in the basement of the Flaca house, one will enter a newly transformed area at the back that has not previously been open to the public. The participating artists will transform this weed-ridden plot throughout July in to a permanent landscape in which future exhibitions will be installed. DJ's Jim Doc, Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Norwegian Lady

UNIVERSAL OUTSTRETCH was curated by Michael Beutler

Flaca would like to thank all the participating artists, DJ's, Chef's and the following people for there help in realizing this project:

Nicolas Berthelot, Andrea Calodolce, Nick Davies, Jacob Dal J├╝rgensen, Barnaby Lidster, Nina Madden, Baltazar Serreau, Munetaka Shinya, Spirit, Simon, Steven Selby, and Luke White.

The general garden landscape and planting scheme was designed by Michael beutler and Tom Humphreys and completed in 2005.


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Kurator: Michael Beutler

mit Michael Beutler, Henning Bohl, Luca Frei, Brian Griffiths, Tom Humphreys, Sergej Jensen, Stefanie Kleefeld, Kim Nekarda, Mick Peter, Bianca Rampas, Tomas Saraceno, Lucie Stahl, Alexander Wolff