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Berlin Art Projects proudly announces 'Me – We', the first solo exhibition with work by young sculptor Ulrich Riedel (*1979, Berlin). The newcomer recently completed his studies at the UdK Berlin in 2009, where he graduated from the Tony Cragg and Florian Slotawa 'master class.' The show will present seven of the artist's latest sculptures in wood and metal.

Though still at the beginning of his career, Ulrich Riedel has already shown tremendous potential as one of the scene's most promising up and coming artists. Born in Berlin-Mitte in 1979, his interest and work with various in philosophical and art-historical topics had already begun prior to his enrollment at the UdK Berlin in 2002. His professors included artist superstar Tony Cragg and Florian Slotawa, who have influenced and encouraged his work throughout his development.

And yet Riedel has long found a sculptural language of his own. His artistic approach lies in one of the founding principles of our civilization: the written word. This apparently irrevocable communication consensus pushes the young artist's work to a completely new sculptural dimension. Here he has developed his own individual artistic alphabet in which every letter of our written alphabet corresponds with a cubic segment. Using this alphabet, Riedel translates sentences such as 'I have nothing to say' or 'deo optimo maximo' into precisely rendered wood and metal forms – encoded yet legible to those privy to his unique artistic approach.

Riedel also sheds an unfamiliar light on other quasi-holy symbols of our society, such as the creative world's ever-present Apple computer, for example. Here he uses the reconstructed enclosure of Apple's cult 'Mac Mini' as a projection surface for the letters 'S M L XL', the globally-recognized indication of size. Riedel succeeds in decoding the otherwise unquestioned signs and symbols of our time, shedding an uncanny light on them to illuminate a new mythical level: that of contemporary art. Riedel's wall- and installation sculptures convince with a highly formal and content-based aesthetic that urges us to examine, read and reflect – one in which we occasionally lose ourselves. A fascinating play of logic and secrecy, formal language and sculptural quality that answers some questions while bringing many new ones to light.

Ulrich Riedel (*1979, Berlin) 2009 Completed his studies in the Tony Cragg and Florian Slotawa master class at the UdK Berlin. Group exhibitions include 'Uphigher', Sydney College of Fine Arts (2006), 'I like to move it', Heidestrasse 50, Berlin (2007) and 'Domgold', Berliner Dom (2009). Riedel is the recipient of many scholarships and has completed many semesters abroad. The artist lives and works in Berlin.

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Ulrich Riedel