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For this exhibition four Hungarian artists based in Budapest and New York exhibited media based work, objects, prints and an installation. Their work both addressed and displayed some of the strategies used to survive in a global economy of visual excess. Themes such as the appropriation and transformation of visual images and genres of mass media, and icons of youth and culture were interpreted and reinterpreted. Rock legends and modernist art heroes were subjected to cutting, pasting and morphing. These themes can be contextualised within Hungary in the late 90's, but can also participate in a wider, more international discourse.

Andras Braun, who is a Gasworks visiting artist from Budapest, exhibited new paintings in his open studio.

This exhibition was conceived by Ildiko Petrina and organised by Barnabas Bencsik in collaboration with In and Out of Touch and the Anglo-Hungarian Artists Exchange Programme, Budapest.


Try Again Later

mit Tamas Komoroczky, Andras Ravasz, Pal Szacsvay, Istvan Szil