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In her new film Trine Lise Nedreaas presents the great Mac Donaldi, King of Soap Bubbles. A mystical Mac Donaldi appear as a god-like being, a master of his own universe. Omnipotent yet playful he creates mesmerizing smoke-filled bubbles that hover in the air before their brief existence draws to an inevitable close with a pop and a puff of smoke. In a series of dramatic and intimate paintings, people are falling or being thrown backwards. Some stretch up their hands at once victorious and surrendered, whilst others engage in what could be a conflict, an embrace or even both. Struggling with this world and engaged in an intimate conversation with the other, in each of these small scenes we catch stolen glimpses of individuals in a state of being outside themselves - seemingly private moments of religious ecstasy. Drawn from films of mass spiritual gatherings, these intense emotions are however only made possible by the hysteria surrounding them. Furthering her investigations into the strange endeavors of humanity Nedreaas reworks the gaudy spectacles of carnival and evangelism. Solidifying these fleeting moments of wonderment and delirium in close-up and freeze frame she brings the viewer in and reveals a fragility and vulnerability they both share.

Trine Lise Nedreaas (*1972 in Bergen, Norway) lives and works in Berlin. Nedreaas has shown her work in institutions and galleries in Europe and the US. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: Kunstverein Schwerin (solo), New Center for Contemporary Art, Louisville KY (solo), IDLE BY, COMA - Centre for Opinions in Music and Art, public performance and installation event, Berlin (solo); Just Do It, Collection Lambert, Avignon; Lights on, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo; The Good and the Bad Mogadishni, Aarhus, Galerie Eva Hober, Paris (solo), Luxe Gallery, New York (solo). Upcoming in 2009 are Contemporary

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Trine Lise Nedreaas - MAC DONALDI - King of Soap Bubbles, 2009
16 mm film, Edition 2+1AP