press release

FOMU is offering a platform for young Belgian photographers for the fifth consecutive year. In 2016, we present the photographic universe of Tom Callemin (BE, °1991). Callemin continually questions the role of the camera as obstacle between the photographer and reality. This inquiry is translated into haunting images that are usually created in the studio and which take months of preparation. His work reads as an ode to slowness. The exhibition juxtaposes painstakingly constructed black-and-white compositions with Callemin’s on-going exploration of the portrait. With his enigmatic and refined images, the photographer is creating a powerful signature style.

Following his photography studies, Tom Callemin graduated in 2015 with a liberal arts degree. In 2014, he was one of ten photographers whose work was selected for the FOMU magazine .tiff. His early work has since been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Curator: Joachim Naudts