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Three Ideas In One is an installation and performance piece by Christian Burnoski and Andrea Jenni. An installation, acting as the background for the performance, consists of three elements inspired from a photograph taken by Ludwig Windstosser: a red wall, a blue canvas, and an orange green lamp. The performance, extracting parts from the same Windstosser photograph, structures its movement on three postures: sitting, standing, and lying down.

Christian Burnoski is interested in presenting objects, which are no longer there or cannot be seen directly. His work displays various forms of collaboration beyond the conventional notions of it. He uses conceptual approaches and works in a wide range of mediums including assemblage, painting, film, and photography. Burnoski was born 1979 in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin (USA). He studied studio art at the Perpich Center for Arts Education and later at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

Andrea Jenni explores how geometric patterns and forms as a starting point can evolve into emotions on stage. Within that structure she likes to work with costume, pop music, roll-playing and taking joyful but critical mainstream images into her own context. She has been very pleased to work in the past with artist like Dominique Richards, Meredith Bove and Christian Burnoski. After graduating from the Salzburg Academy of Dance she has worked with various choreographers and has shown her own work at several platforms and festivals u.a. Tanzfaktor Interregio, Tanzbad II/III and Tanztage Berlin. Andrea Jenni works and lives in Berlin and Switzerland.

Dominique Richards (Performer) concluded her education at SEAD Salzburg after studying in Cardiff, Zurich and New York. She has previously worked with Ewa Bankowska, Terese Isabella Mayer, Amanda Pina and Daniel Zimmermann etc. In addition to performing, Richards teaches Ballet and Contemporary Dance in Austria and Switzerland. Three Ideas In One will be her second collaboration with Andrea Jenni.

Neta Shlain (Performer) studied Linguists and Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and also attended the Matnas Ramot School for Dance and Choreography. As a dancer she has worked with Sigma Dance Company (Israel), Michal Mualem/Giannalberto De Phillippis (Italy), Vasiliki Tsazgari (Netherlands), Nancy Banfi and Nir De Volff.

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Three Ideas In One
Christian Burnoski, Andrea Jenni
Performance 27. und 28.04. / 20:00 Uhr