press release

In 2010, Akbank Art Center celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Akbank Jazz Festival, one the most renowned jazz festivals in the world, with the fundamental musical elements of sound and rhythm at its center stage.

Several contemporary international artists have been invited by the curator Gisela Winkelhofer to participate in this project with the display of their works of light, sound, rhythm, and movement.

Angela Bulloch, an artist who makes use of bio-feedback systems in many of her works, will be presenting Progression of 8 Perverted Pixels. Tony Oursler, whose ingenious works deal with the relationship between the individual and mass media systems with humour and irony, is creating a new unique artwork just for Istanbul. Julian Opie will exhibit his latest computer film, Rod and Verity Walking. Stephan Reusse will be participating with a projection show, The Dancer. The architectural space is going to display Peter Kogler's computer generated designs; and Metamorphosis by Elisabeth Wallner will be exploring metamorphic changes and relationships between subjects and objects.

The Rhythm of Istanbul
Kurator: Gisela Winkelhofer

Künstler: Angela Bulloch, Tony Oursler, Julian Opie, Stephan Reusse, Peter Kogler, Elisabeth Wallner