press release

The exhibition examines the musical, literary, and visual language of three important protagonists of present-day art. Media artist VALIE EXPORT (b. 1940), writer and poet Elfriede Jelinek (b. 1946), and composer Olga Neuwirth (b. 1968) are represented with sound, text, image, and light installations that exemplify the meeting of music, literature, film, and fine art.

The show, curated by Barbara Wally, introduces the three artists both as outstanding personalities in the contemporary Austrian cultural scene and through the common sensibilities and themes that unify their work. The three artists have known and appreciated each other for years and have also collaborated on a number of projects. They represent two generations of uncompromising and controversial women who use artistic means to analyze, expose, and critically comment on the human condition and who, in their respective media, work on the development of new, feminine forms of language.

The installations are accompanied by Chromotope portraits of the artists created by Victoria Coeln in her light studio. Carmen Kordas has contributed a video collage of extensive film and video material by and about the artists that conveys their creative processes from the beginnings of their careers to the present.


The Austrian Cultural Forum and the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg present


mit VALIE EXPORT, Elfriede Jelinek, Olga Neuwirth