press release

The Possibility of an Island, on view in the Museum of Contemporary Art's annex space, MOCA at Goldman Warehouse, takes French author Michel Houellebecq's 2005 novel of the same name as its starting point and poses existential questions in the face of an elusive future. Both exhibition and novel address fundamental anxieties about issues such as aging, death, irrelevancy, culture, destruction and sexuality in the present and the future. Featuring a group of international artists working in a variety of media, the exhibition explores the poetic and philosophical sides of science fiction literature. These artists approach science fiction as a genre that provides diversion from the banality of everyday life, making current dreams and anxieties more spectacular.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: Cory Arcangel; Davide Balula; Tobias Bernstrup; Heman Chong; Peter Coffin; Matias Faldbakken; Cao Fei; Kim Fisher; Claire Fontaine; K48; Chris Kraus; Cristina Lei Rodriguez; Nicolas Lobo; Martin Oppel; Philip (a novel written by Mark Aerial Waller, Heman Chong, Cosmin Costinas, Rosemary Heather, Leif Magne Tangen, Francis McKee, David Reinfurt, and Steve Rushton); Lisi Raskin; Julika Rudelius; and Mungo Thomson. The Possibility of An Island is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami and is curated by MOCA Assistant Curator Ruba Katrib.

The exhibition is sponsored by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and is part of MOCA's Knight Exhibition Series. Additional support provided by the Arts Council Singapore, Office for Contemporary Art Norway and IASPIS.

Opening reception: Thursday, December 4, 9 am – noon