press release

The basis of the curatorial perspective, and the title of the exhibition, is derived from a passage of Agnes Martin's "Writings," Advice to Young Artists, which reads as follows:

“The life of an artist is inspired, self sufficient and independent (unrelated to society). The direction of attention of an artist is towards mind in order to be aware of inspiration. Following inspiration life unfolds free of any influence. Finally the artist recognizes himself in the work and is happy and contented. Nothing else will satisfy him. An artist's life is an unconventional life. It leads away from the example of the past. It struggles painfully against its own conditioning. It appears to rebel but in reality it is an inspired way of life.”

The paintings, sculptures, and photographs in this exhibition, which combine minimal composition, a romantic visual sensibility, and a youthful, anarchic spirit, look at now, the present, and are not examples of the artist's attempt to be united under a single thematic or conceptual banner. Instead, the exhibition takes the form of a kind of cross section of artistic production in New York City right now.

Artists include: Kevin Baker, Kadar Brock, Violet Dennison, Erik Foss, Jack Greer, Jeanette Hayes, Miles Huston, Matt Jones, Dean Levin, Matt Magee, Carly Mark, Andrea Mary Marshall, Matt Mignaneli, Chad Moore, Jane Moseley, Evan Robarts, and Dustin Yellin.