press release

FLAX Project

“The Dialectic of the Stars”
Installation, Performance, Screening 11.02.2018 - 25.02.2018
5 venues , 19 artists

With Scoli Acosta, Lucky Dragons, Emily Mast, Nicolas Momein, Arash Nassiri, Nøne Futbol Club, Alison O’Daniel, Assaf Shaham, Geneva Skeen, Noé Soulier, Jasmin Blasco, Fouad Bouchoucha, Bertrand Dezoteux, Hoël Duret, Naotaka Hiro, Robert Farid Karimi, Ange Leccia & Rafaela Lopez

Curated by Fabien Danesi

In partnership with The Sowden House, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Ford Theatres, L.A. Dance Project & Zebulon
Associated with Fabien Danesi

“As a European, I was inspired by L.A., which is… an attracting, contradictory, hallucinatory and mysterious place—both political and poetic.” Fabien Danesi

FLAX is pleased to present The Dialectic of the Stars, a visual art and performance festival curated by Fabien Danesi, FLAX Curator-in-Residence 2017 and featuring works by 19 emerging and established French and American artists and collectives.

Taking place over two weeks from February 11th through 25th—when the nights are long and the lights brighter—the series will draw a constellation of five iconic venues, like points of a star, including The Sowden House on February 11, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) on February 15, Ford Theatres on February 18, L.A. Dance Project (LADP) on February 24 and Zebulon on February 25. The public is invited to drift all over the city to attend events at these popular arts destinations, each blending their programming with Fabien’s vision to ignite dialogue about L.A. as an important cultural hub. A mobile artwork by Nicolas Momein will be presented at each venue.

Even if we know with Giorgio Agamben that “what we perceive as the darkness of the heavens is the light that, though traveling toward us, cannot reach us, since the galaxies from which the light originates move away from us at a velocity greater than the speed of light”, we will try to approach the concrete stars for the last station of our trip. But this space travel won’t just be a lyrical apotheosis which will prove our faith into the future but a way to underline a kind of anachronism. And the drift will bring us back to the ocean through an image, a condensed of the unknown and a cliché…