press release

It is with great pleasure that we present a solo exhibition of the American artist Thaddeus Strode.

The exhibition presents new paintings by this Los Angeles based artist, who works in a West Coast tradition with clear references to American illustration and cartoon. Strode has developed his own personal style in his painting, working primarily with household paint and combining it with various other materials such as shimmering glitter, that gives the paintings a translucent surface. The artist also employs drawing, spray, collage and text - various techniques that create multi-layered images that point to the process of the painting and through which he achieves an ornamental complexity in his work, while remaining 'flat' and avoiding expressionism. Thaddeus Strode utilizes a vocabulary of trash and pop in a calculated manner, and the disrespectful use of paint and canvas gives his work a dirty, but cool, appearance. His work merges an abstract and expressive painterly formalism with a figurative visual imagery that includes adaptation of comics and everyday myths. His work often portrays a fictionalized landscape that is inhabited by lonely islands, shipwrecked freaks, bikini girls, sea monsters, and other creatures - a tragicomic postmodern underworld of misfits. It moves between high and low culture, fairy tales and myths, graffiti and advertisement, yet the postulated narrative is always subordinated to the painterly and pictorial work.

Thaddeus Strode (born 1964 in Santa Monica, US) lives in Los Angeles and has exhibited widely in Europe and the US. Recent solo exhibitions include gallery shows at Neugerriemschneider, Berlin, D (2005); Gio Marconi Gallery, Milan, IT (2005); The Happy Lion, L.A., US (2004), and group exhibitions at Villa Manin, Udine, IT (2006); Galerie Sprüth Magers, Munich, D (2005); Staatgalerie, Stuttgart, D (2004); and Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London, UK (2004).


Thaddeus Strode