press release

Teresa Margolles. ESTORBO
21.03.2019 - 26.05.2019

Thursday, March 21

Teresa Margolles (1963) is a Mexican artist who works in photography, video, installation and performance, mixed in her artistic work her profession and her knowledge in forensic medicine. Through her work, Margolles investigates different social problems and makes a denunciation of the violence, inequality and repression that exists in many Latin American cities.

Since 2017, Margolles has been interested in the growing migration crisis of Venezuelan citizens to Colombia and has carried out several field works on the Simón Bolívar bridge, a point that divides the border between Cúcuta and San Antonio de Táchira. In this place, where thousands of Venezuelans cross daily, Teresa has developed different actions with migrants such as hiring them to carry stones across the river that geopolitically divides the border, or inviting them to weave their stories on fabrics stained with blood of murders that occurred in the place. Actions that were documented by the artist in photographic portraits of the participants and pieces made with their belongings, then encapsulated in a series of cement blocks and engraved with the initials of each person. Together, these pieces will form an installation in the Museum that will refer to the spatial dynamics established by those who cross the Colombian-Venezuelan border.