press release

We are pleased to announce Tam Van Tran’s first one-person exhibition in New York.

This exhibition will include paintings on canvas that imagine visionary habitats constructed of overlapping grids, lines and gestures on open fields of space. These worlds are inspired by the compositions of traditional Chinese landscape painting, which the artist unmistakably infuses with contemporary science fiction, aerial views of archeological sites, cyber systems and circuitry.

Tam Van Tran’s “drawings” are in fact undulating, complex constructions of cut, hole-punched and stapled recombinations of gestural paintings made of chlorophyll on paper. Chlorophyll, a plant extract, allows him to reference the natural world in abstract terms. The complex series of processes incorporated in each work ensures that they will be read on several levels as part drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture, balancing delicacy with a roughness of the hand made.

This wide range of modalities and practices are unified by the balancing act Tam Van Tran performs between gestural abstraction vs. representation, the natural world vs. science, and his search for methods of mark making that are at once new, while acknowledging and engaging the history of abstraction.

Tam Van Tran (b. 1966) was born in Vietnam and moved to Denver, Colorado at age 9. As an adult straddling both American and Vietnamese cultures, he has a unique vantage point from which to view both cultures from both the inside and outside, to study the nature of culture, and the conflict of belonging vs. alienation.

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Tam Van Tran / Vegetarian Summer