press release

Workplace Gallery are pleased to announce Summerize, curated by Hales Gallery, London, which runs concurrently through August with Formal Dining, curated by Workplace at Hales Gallery. Summerize, comprises of a selection of works by artists that have been shown at Hales Gallery recently added to several more who’s work we like and plan to show in the near future. This summer show gallery swap was prompted by a mutual respect and interest in each gallery’s show programme, founding principles, cultural aims, and general air of enthusiasm.

Bob and Roberta Smith live and work in London. They have recently shown their large installation ‘Help build the ruins of democracy’ at Baltic (Dec–Jan 2005) and their book ‘Make your own damn art’, was published in 2005. Following on from their successful show ‘The Beautiful Poetry of Bob and Roberta Smith’ at Hales gallery (Jan 2006), they continue their anarchic ranting with a little more pathos in the two new pieces included in Summerize. Bob and Roberta are involved in shows at MIMA, Middlesbrough, The Serpentine Gallery London and Peer Gallery in Shoreditch London this autumn.

Hans Op de Beeck lives and works in Brussels. He has shown both his large installations and videos in various museums around the world including the recent solo shows Meanwhile…. at GEM, The Gemeente Museum, The Hague (2004) and T-Mart, at MuHKA, Antwerp (2005). Op de Beeck presents his film Situation 1, which was shown at Hales Gallery in 2000 and is a good example Op de Beeck’s very own brand of Belgian melancholy.

Ian Dawson was born in Darlington and now lives and works in London. His works to date have been made from melted plastic objects, National Geographic magazines and on this occasion wallpaper. Dawson has cut the paper to follow the pattern and mimic what looks like an oriental landscape.

Jane Wilbraham lives and works in London. Wilbraham presents a selection of her work including two watercolours and a cardboard construction. Over the past few years, she has meticulously documented the food of supermarket culture in watercolour. Being the daughter of a Shropshire Butcher, Wilbraham has always been fascinated with the local v global nature of food production. Wilbraham took part in Bloomberg pace’s collage show in 2005 and will present a solo show at Hales next year.

Ulrik Moller was born in Copenhagen and now lives and works in Berlin. Each of his delicate oil paintings utilize the familiar language of historical landscape painting in his native Scandinavia. Moller’s subjects are everyday scenes, mainly landscapes and cityscapes. It is the straightforwardness of his work that makes it so arresting. Summerize includes two small landscapes which hint at Mollers’ on going interest in all things ecological. Moller has an upcoming solo show at the Skorgaard Museet, Viborg, Denmark (Sept-Nov 2006)

David Godbold, lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. He was artist in residence at the House of Commons during the 2005 General Election, where he completed a series of highly controversial satirical drawings using a combination of appropriated old master pen and ink drawings, which were transposed onto discarded notes. The resulting works present a witty, playful and at times surreal dialogue between the archaic language of church and state and current political debates. A collection of these drawing will be included in Summerize.

Adam Dant lives and works in London. Dant creates dense, cartoon like drawings, often possessed of a dysfunctional semicircular logic. Museums are common subjects, as are maps and complicated jokes. Dants works often take the form of large hung drawings and have been described as Hogarthian or Swiftian especially in relation to his use of satire. Dant’s works made as his alter-ego, Donald Parsnips will be shown this Year at MOMA ,New York and a new series of works, TOWARDS A SQUARE SOCIETY, will be shown at Hales next spring.

Roger Kelly lives and works in London. Kelly’s paintings investigate the relationship between the figurative and the abstract image. Through scrutinizing the form and changing the colour of his subject matter, which tend to be destroyed or decaying structures, Kelly breaks down and abstracts the initial image. Included in Summerize are two new paintings and a large watercolour by Kelly of psychedelic collapsed buildings. Kelly’s curated shows with artist Bob Mathews have been shown widely in UK spaces.

Hales Gallery was founded in 1992 in a self-funded space in a rough and neglected part of South London. The gallery boasted a great café and became renowned for launching the careers of the notorious Chapman Brothers among others. Some of Hales Gallery represented artists include Spencer Tunick, Tomoko Takahashi (nominated for the Turner Prize in 2000), Hew Locke (Winner of the John Hamlyn award and East International) Hans Op de Beeck and Bob and Roberta Smith. Hales moved from South London in 2004 to a larger space in London’s East End.

Workplace Gallery opened its doors to its gallery only last year in an equally unlikely venue under the multi-storey car park of Get Carter fame in Gateshead. The gallery has formulated a clever strategy for its survival, which has taken them to various international young art fairs and connected them to some of the world’s best collectors of contemporary art. Added to this impressive start, a Workplace artist, Matt Stokes won the prestigious Becks Futures prize this year.

Curated by Hales Galley, London

mit Hans Op de Beeck, Adam Dant, Ian Dawson, David Godbold, Roger Kelly, Ulrik Moller, Bob & Roberta Smith, Jane Wilbraham