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"How does an art-space contribute to a community, a city and a society? Are there certain expectations that an art institution has to negotiate or live up to? Are there any actual spatial alterations that could improve working and communication methods of an institution?"

Mike Bode & Staffan Schmidt, artists based in Malmö (SE), present a portrait of six art institutions in six countries, created by interviewing curators, recording typical and/or revealing views of the architecture and its surroundings and commenting on their own observations and research. The "Spaces of conflict" presentation consists of three parallel video projections and two separate audio systems (duration 35'37").

"Spaces of conflict" was realized in co-operation with the following institutions: Nationalmuseum/the x-room, Copenhagen; Kunsthalle Helsinki; Kunst-Werke, Berlin; Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo; Rooseum, Malmö. Curated by Nina Möntmann.

Produced by NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art,


Spaces of conflict
An audio-visual essay about institutional spaces by Mike Bode & Staffan Schmidt
kuratiert von Nina Möntmann