press release

D+T Project is thrilled to present another thematic exhibition curated by Alexandre Daletchine that includes artists whose practice spreads through a variety of media.

Sounds like Music brings together artists from around the world with specific interests looming large towards music and sound in a broader sense. Based on word play, the exhibition explores hearing – one of the basic modes of perception and knowledge of the outside world. The project examines the way one can think of music, rhythm or sound within the field of contemporary art practice and visual language.

Taking on significance that moves well beyond the rudimentary allusion to music, the artworks, produced by a cross-generational selection of artists, are following various creative strategies within some specific modes of production. While certain works clearly refer to drawing, painting, poetry, printed image, sculpture, movie, theatre, ready-made and contemporary technology, the show also features suggestions to the tradition of artists who design album covers, references to abstract sounds and/or absence of it, which often relate to the investigations of Johan Cage, but also includes repetitions as mainly used by New Realists, etc.